And So She Goes
And So She Goes

Episode 24 · 9 months ago

23. Kaitlyn Vincie, NASCAR Host and Reporter, Fox Sports


Falling in love with NASCAR happened overnight for Kaitlyn Vincie. Well actually, all it took was one race and she was hooked. She wroted about the sport for her college newspaper, took internships, posted YouTube videos, doing everything she could to set herself up for a big job at Fox Sports, covering the sport she loves. Kaitlyn is now a mom of a 3-year-old, and currently carrying her second child. She thanks NASCAR for not only providing her an amazing career, but for also building her family. Yep, she met her husband through the sport, too. Kaitlyn is a pioneer for women everywhere, proving it is possible to create a life you love, covering a sport that not everyone is exposed to. And if you ask her to convince you to become a NASCAR fan, she will. Easily.

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