And So She Goes
And So She Goes

Episode 42 · 2 months ago

42. Jennifer King, Assistant RB Coach, Washington Football Team


How do you know what you want to be when you grow up if no one before you has paved the way? Well, that did not stop Jennifer King from chasing her dreams of coaching professional football. After a successful playing career in football, she made stops coaching basketball at Johnson and Wales and Dartmouth. In this episode she explains how current Washington Head Coach Ron Rivera gave her a chance to prove herself as an intern with the Carolina Panthers, followed by a position in Washington. Jennifer is the first African-American woman to be hired as a full-time coach in the NFL. We talk about why it's taken so long for women to get opportunities like these, what makes someone a good coach, and how important it is that our generation is doing away with the "good ole boys club" in sports.

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