And So She Goes
And So She Goes

Episode 8 · 1 year ago

7. Kirsten Grohs, Atlanta Falcons Manager of Football Administration


This episode is all about expectations and how to let them go. Kirsten is someone who changed expectations for herself in order to become successful. She grew up in Canada, dabbled in modeling and then fell into sports. After realizing that she loved football, she decided she wanted to work in the NFL. Knowing she wasn’t the only one with that dream, she figured out a way to separate herself from others in the job application process...she did make it into the league, and has since held very impressive jobs, even being one of the highest-ranking women on an NFL team at just 28-years-old... Kirsten is thoughtful, kind, super intelligent, hardworking, and dedicated. She’s worked as a scouting coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons, the Director of Business Ops for the Mamba Academy before it was what it is today (RIP Kobe), she’s been the Manager of Football Administration for the Jaguars, and a Contract Research and Salary Cap Analyst. Currently, she is the Manager of Football Administration for the Atlanta Falcons.

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