And So She Goes
And So She Goes

Episode 4 · 1 year ago

3. Sage Steele, ESPN SportsCenter Anchor


ESPN's SportsCenter Anchor Sage Steele joins Amanda to talk about her recent experience hosting a live show from a volcano...they also dive into their first meeting at an airport, which leads to why we should all be kind to strangers. Sage details a time in her life when she had to choose between having a family and chasing her dream job--spoiler alert, she now has both. Sage has been working in sports broadcasting for many years and shares some of her favorites to cover over the years.

Conversations with real women who makesports happen, this is, and so she goes, here's your hose, Amanda, Borgeous,hello there I'm so excited to share this episode with you. Sage was thevery first person to agree to be a guest on this show, and it really meansa lot to me. We met a few years ago in a pretty peculiar way, we'll get intothat story later. Also, this interview was recorded before sports werecancelled and before the world went into quorantine mode, so we do notmention any of that. Instead, we talk about a recent ABC special that she cohosted on a volcano, a Nicaragua she dives into having perspective aboutlife as a whole, especially as it relates to having a very public career.She even talks about one time years ago when she said no to a job at ESPN. Yousee her every night when you watch sports center and you've seen her host.Miss America here is ESPN's, veryown sage, steel. You just got back from Nicaragua whichis so cool hosting the nickel and ABC special. How was that that was crazy,can't say I ever thought. I would be broad testing live from a volcano inanother country Um, but you know it was so cool. I will say ithappened. Thanks to Chris Harrison like trustico host, who, who I alw, I toldthem when we were thereit as like. This is all your fault, because he he's theone that called and said Hey. I haven't. I have a proposal, I need you to sayyes and and I've known hem for a few years now we posted Misthe, MissAmerica Pageant twice in two thousand UH sixteen and Seventeen. I think itwas, and so we've become very good friends and after this trip we bondedeven more. I told him he 's stuck with me for life, so you know when he called.I was like any. I didn't care what it was anything to work with. Chris he's.Truly, I think the best in the business is so just versatile and talented, andso the fact that he specifically wanted me to do it. I was like absolutelythank you and so major my passport was updated and therewe go um. It was insane and there was just a lotof feedback afterwards for sure about Um. You know the the tygptrope walkitself and our coverage and Um, I just will say ND. You can ask whatEveryu want about it, but I it was really once in a lifetime and it's funny all the things I've donewith Chris hoseing Miss America, something that I never thought I'd everbe doing Um. All these things are so special and to get to go to anothercountry to see some guy do a crazy, crazy feet. Um T, which really was youknow risking his life was insane and then I mean we're kind of in danger aswell I mean there's. I learned a lot about vocanos and lava bombs that cancome flying up out of the crater and like and the gases which werelegitimate. So I I can't believe I was just thinking man. How is I just inNicaragua and that's o Holcano, and now I'm back on Sports Oner? The crazything too is you're used to live T V and there's this exhilaration. You getjust with that alone. But when you add in everything you just sad all of theelements of the environment and the fact that Nichel endas walking across atight rope like there's just there's so much more, that goes into it than justbeing on live TV. There really is and and you're kind of also watching Um your back while you'reOnlie T v Um, you know I I was, I was an A. Icertainly knew who he was, and it fauled him a little bit and then got to know him pretty welland his wife who's, lovely...

...they're, different people, man they'redifferent Ki, different humans who want to do those kind of things Um. You knowit it. It was n interesting because we didth three hours of rehearsals the night before and there were a lot oflogistical issues and Canon Nightmares for the Dick Clark Production Cu to getover as well as ABC, and they people didn't sleep nit before the staff wasup all night and then winds were a huge issue m during rehearseal. So we had toscrap it because his wife Arander was supposed to do her rehears herperformance, U hanging from a helicopter over the mouth of thevolcano, but the winds were to unpredictable, say to change everythingnight before and Um and then because there's just not RF and Wifi and all that there were alot of media there and I guess they were asked to not use certainfrequencies and they did anyway and so as we're starting our first lifesegment on ab C. Everything goes out for Christ and I the monitor theteleprompter everything was out and then one of the cream members waswonderful. Had All these you know, cards ready to Kindo help us getthrough it and he was, he ran up and he had these cards and ut. Then he stoodin front of the TV monitor. So we couldn't see what we were talking about.I didn't have my eye of being my earpiece at that point. So literallyand the first I ent I'm like I one thing. If you want me to talkabout the Lakers, you know I can handle that or you know the cowboys ore deckpress got O conpract or whatever, but you know I didn't know that much aboutvolcanoes and it's one sometimes where we need the telefromer and it was gone.It was a great start. Oh my gosh. Well, you couldn't tell soI think that your experience paid off. No one had any idea, I'm just glad thatNickolenda was safe, pruffully, goodn, ISS, gracious, so cool, so so cool umwe're transition. But can I share the story of how we met an airport 'cause?I think that's really important. lings too 'cause, that's awesome! Okay, sothis was about three years ago, which was crazy. It was that long ago- and Iwas in l, a for the NL Alstar game and I was at LAX. I was ready to fly backto New York and I was delayed and I did what anyone does when you're delayedyou go, find a restaurant or a bar and you go sit there and wait a hour. So I go to a bar and I see sage sittingright there and I'm like oh my gosh. Do I go talk to her? What do I do and it'sso funny, because I'm so awkward in those instances for I don't even Idon't even know why I think you just build this up in your head of like youknow, you know who that person is, but you truly don't know who they are right.So it's kind of intimidating and I don't know I was like what do I have tolose right, even if she's rude to me, whatever, like I at least, tried,that's, obviously not what happened but Um, I'm so glad. I approached you andwe had m. We talked for like an hour and we just I don't know it was great'cause. I didn't. I think it's important to do things like that Umwhen you don't have an agenda right like I just wanted to talk to you andhang out. You know. I didn't need anything from you, but I think in thisindustry it's important to do that and really just form relationships andwe've. We've stayed in touch ever since and that's awesome. So thank you. No, I I remember vividly and I was Oh yeah, I'm trying to think you hadaly long day and I think that's another reason why I almost din't approach youbecause you can just tell when someone's tired and I'm like she's,going to be like girl, like I'm sorry when I not in the mood to talk to youright now, N, no, not at all here's the thing,we're always tired in this business, especially with the travel but um. I remember, I won't say the name. However, we allknow her- and I remember in one tousand, ninehundred and ninety seven Um walking up to a reporter. who was a aprominent espen reporter at the time, and I worshipped her and I went up toher at a game that we were both working.

It was a NB, a game n. It was like apregame shootaround and I saw her and I was like oh my goshand was nervous and built up the courage to go over and say hi to herand introduce myself and- and she looked at me like I had threeheads and- and I was like hi just myself- My name is Hetl, I hope to bein your shoes one day and Bablh Blah. She put her hand up almost in my faceand said I don't have time for this right now, I'm working and she walkedaway and I'll, never forget it and I was so hurt. I was embarrassed,my photogrophers, so other people saw it and I just thought I mean I was so hurt.'cause again it took a courage to walk out of the ail of course see somebodythat you really looked up to, and I never forgot that interesting, becauseI actually am friends with her now and I told her the story when we first kindof Remet- and I was like hey gotta- share something with Ya: andthat woal change through the yearsfor sure Um. But I wan to say it was probably thirteen years later or something andwhen I told her she started crying and she ha always profusey and she'd beenthrough a lot in her professional and personal life. Since then- and you knowItas also about like forgiveness, I mean I could aveset there and you knowwhatever just bad mouter, which I did for a while 'cause I was so hurt and Iwas like oh no. This is not so point being. Those are I was, I was justraised. You just be kind, you know it's easier that way and I've always justpend fpeople make fun of me because they're like Saye, you can stop talkingnow you probably Wantin to loave that day, but I I also I don't know how toend conversations very well. So I don't have a good to ECAT strategy as wheneverybody tells me 'cause. It's like I'll keep asking a question, even if Ihave to go because I know hat it's like on the other end, when you feel likeyou're holding someone up cause. I don't want people to feel in that way.So I keep asking- even if I don't have time and then I'm late, my likewhatever, so I probably you talk for a living whatever and that's WHA idot Lyovercorrected in some ways, but I'll never forget that feeling, and so Ialways swore that I would never. I would do my best. Never let anyone feelthe way I did that day, Um, and so I'm glad that I'm glad that we talked foran hour that day, although you probably had your eyes, were probably crossing manter. For me, it's interesting 'cause.I this was my dream to do exactly what I'm doing and how many people actuallyget to live their dream, the dream that they set out to do for me when I was eleventwelve years old. So when we lose perspective and forget where we camefrom and begin entreat people differently, because we're busy orwe're tired or whatever get over yourself like this is just th. This isso fleeting. This time is Gon t I'm forty seven. Now I cannot believe I'vebeen in th business for twenty five years, almost and and so in a couple ofyears, like I'm Gon, to be on the way down, because there's other young welldeserving women who who hard working women xcuse me who deserve a chance,and so you better enjoy it while you're up there and don't ever forget whereyou came from, because when you come back down, you know, but s, something that makes me crazyostoo, make people in this business who, who just get a little bit too big forthe riches, and I find it makes me crazy totally. I totally get it M. Take meback to n eleven year old sage. How did you know that you wanted to get intobroadcasting, because I was a tomboy and I just loved sports, I loved allsports Um. I had two brothers and a and a dad whowas a cultreball player and Um. I just lived sports. We lived in differentcountries, we lived in Greece and in Belgim and when we were there Um on, wecould only watch T v and the weekends and there w e there was only oneEnglish speaking TV station when we lived in those countries and so onweekends. What was on Football Games, N B, a Games, and so I just would watchwith my dad witsin the couch and then I learned from him and then we woulddotrivia and that ended up helping me...

...out when I went to college- and I toldthe G, you know guy friends like what I waned to do for living there like yeahright M, and then I proved that I knew what I was talking about with supports.So I just what I really loved, though, is learning the stories behind theseathletes, because we all we put the money's, pedestals and- and you knowmost deserving in in many ways as far as their athletic accomplishments. But everybody has a story, and I wasjust in awe of you know what are those stories? How did they get to where theyare today to be the best in the world and also where does that strength comefrom mental toughness to be able to be on the starting line of the huntermeterdash at the Olympic Games? Knowing You'e worked your entire life or thisone moment, and it's going to be over eleven seconds and how do you not in my mind? I was like: How do you notcrap your pants or puke right there, because you'r of the nerves, knowingthat your whole life comes down to this one performance? I mean football players, quarterbackskickers t they came on the line at the end of the Suber Bowl like, AH, so Iwanted to be as close as possible to those athletes 'cause. I knew I wasn'tgood enough to be one and that's WH. I wanted to do yeah. I feel, like a lotof us, feel the same like we just love telling stories and you'll never tellevery single story. So that's what's motivating. Is You just want to keeptelling stories for as long as you can? And it's funny, you say that Um, youwonder how these athletes get up and and perform when they're called to doso. You do the same thing right. It's it's in a different way, but you'reperforming, and there are so many people that say like. Oh, I got neverbe on TV, I'd be so nervous and and that's what you do so you're an athletein a way right, you're right, um! Have you never thought about likethat? Can I recently have just as far as m performing and executing your joband it's funny for so many years. I've justyou kind of beat yourself up and you only focus on the negative instead ofthe positive, and you know I'm still guilty of that, and I think in someways it's okay, because it it keeps you on your game and passionate and makingsure that the next day you do it a little bit better. You know the nextsegment you do have to have m these joks. You know in football you alwayshear about how cornerbacks defensive back safeties, you better have MMNISIA,because you get burned on a play. M, okay, get it out of your head, causethe Bolls, comeing aut, you again, the next boy. You know he's going to comematch you. If you fell on your face in that last play Yu like You'e, got toput out of your mind and go, and you know you stumble through an on camera y.You bought to Highligh, you mispronounce a name, anything happenson live T V and you just have to keep going. But what about all? What aboutthe you know, fifty eight minutes and fifty secondsup good. So I've had to retrain myself, especially yet, because I have threeteenagers and I'm trying to tell them not to focus on the negative. So I gotto practice what I preach, but I I think I have, and I don't no, how tosay this the right way, but I think I haveappreciated more recently what I'm able to do, because I have worked reallyhard for a long time. Ore, a quarter century plus you know hen since I wastwelve years old and had this crazy dream, and I can honestly say now thatI know that I'm good at my job great, I wouldn't ever use that withyou know describing myself for anything, but I know that I'm I'm good, but Ialso know that I have a long way to go and that's exciting actually and I lovechallenges. I need challenges otherwise get out of the business, no matter whatyou're doing but rightwe do and especially you know, breaking newsright and it's happening it's happening while you're on live T v. It happenedwhen we're live with the volcano, an ABC you know across the world and youbetter be able to react sometimes like now. I have the confidence to know thatyou know five seconds out of commercial...

...break. Without this breaking news, wedidn't have time to write anything up, so I have no idea, sometimes what I'mgoing to say, but I now have the conpedence to know that what I do say,it's probably going to be right on maybe I'd Tweik it here, Othereafterwards Ir, wish. I use a different word or slow down, which isalways an issue for me Um, but I finally have the compass to know, but Ican do it and for a long time I doubted myself until much more recently thanI'd like to admit so we do have to Patt ourselves in the back and focus on thegood too, because if there, if we weren't good at our jobs, we wouldn'thave lasted this long, and people are only so nice after the'm, not very nicewhen it comes to hiring in our industry. As you know, and so I I can acknowledge that yeah Ihave workd hard and it' and it's paid off along with people really helping meout and believing in me, especially when I didn't and Thereh's been a lotof years a lot of times when I haven't laved ot myself. Well, I'm sure a lotof what helps you have. Confidence in the first place is preparation, and Ithink that we should do more to highlight all of the prep that has togo into the kind of work that we do so could you just give us some insight?How do you prap before every sports center? What goes into that Um? We havea conference call at noon every day, a d and Six hours before the live show. But youknow throughout the day. I think we all pay attention our phones are are alwaysyou know for me, O n. He s pan in sports center alerts on twitter Um. Weget a ton of stuff sent our way from our research staff and our news,editors and just you know, articles to keep an eye on that they've kind ofvetted throughout the night and t en to the morning, and just a lot of readingw watching sports center in the morning just to see a lot of times. You know Idon't stay up and watch games unless we're you know closer to the you know,for instance, in the NBA now March April, leading of the playoffs et Cetea,just 'cause, I you do have to escape your job, sometimes Um and I get homeat eight o'clock at night and I'm picking my son up from swim practiceand I haven't eaten since noon, and the other two daughters are like. You havelife, you have a life, so I play on. You have my life outside of work yeah, so Um just but the other goodthing is. When you do it every day, you don't have to sit there and study forhours, because it's kind of a continuatio from the day before. If wepreviewed the Lakers and the clippers comng in to the weekend and then ofcourse, Labron goes off over the weekend and Um has you know amazing NBPfor performances? Well, I already knew the contexts coming in and then I canfollow up pretty. Naturally right. So by doing it every day it does becomemuch easier. You don't have to start from scratch. I know you can't pickfavorites, but you've covered a lot of athletes in your career. Can you thinkof one or even a few that have left a positive mark on you? I just sent time at the superbowl withJoe Montana and Ihad never met him before. I admired him as a player imired hisfamily admired so much about him. Obviously his game and hit him notbeing e Pototypical, quarterback, physically Um. I think we're I to Eyhight wise. You know, and I'm tell for a woman- I mean I'mfive eleven but TL toller than me, but Um got to put my hiyhheels on makethese men feel small right didn't really work, so he was just better than Advertis, whichI didn't think was possible. Um, I I it's that's another thing and ourindustry is sometimes you know you we're all fans. First, like wearesports fans before we get into the business, or else we wouldn't be doingit like everybody, you know had a lube of a team or a player somewhere. Joewas one of those players from E, even though I wasn't e forty niners fan Umand just to see that they are as good an person. It's a relief 'cause. I'vemet many who are not and you're like man. Why did I waste my time? Cheeringfor that guy. You know, isn't that such a letdown, it's the worst Itat whenthat happened, a my Hart a couple of...

...times, one of it it happened. I metthis one person twice. I thouh okay, first time, maybe seven Abed Day saidnop. He was worse, the second hime and I'm like wow ie wasted my life ceeringfor you so sad, it's so sa. So I mean liten,Stupan cary is so real he's so great he's his mother. Like I had a wonderfultalk with his mother, I did a mother's Day interview with her three or fouryears ago, and so I came at the interview from a different perspective.You know so I think differently. Ofe stefened, because I know his mother andI know M- you know how she has. Has she raised him, a s she and del raised himSoniadel, and so I here's a thing I roote for good people now, notnecessarily great athletes and teams. I work root for the good people which, inthis case stuff, is both he's a great person and the great athlete Um I'm trying to think through the years.I don't know there are some names out there 'cause it all KINDOF runstogether after a while. No it's hard, I didn't mean to put you on the spot. Ijust figured that there would be at least a couple that stuck with you. Noit's a great question. I need to have a better, a better answer, because Icould ask it a lot and I never really know what to say. 'cause you forgotyeah. I met that person. I did this with that person and it's like you saidit all kind of runs together, and it doesn't even mean that there wasn'tsomeone that was amazing. It's just. It happens to be jumbled with the bigevent that you happened to be covering at the same time or something like that.So don't worry about that yeah and also I've. I've also made a concerted effortto not put people up on the pedestal, because then I I'm not going to be atmy best asking questions, doing my job listening during an interview followingup based off what they said not off ofyour script that you had prepared before. So I think that I've broughtthem all down to my level. I've tried way down, because I knew that thatwould make me better at my job. Well we're allhuman at the end of the day right, so we're all the same Ye. Absolutelyabsolutely I mean Um. You know I did. I did charrit event forthe Charlotte Hornets. I don't know when that was maybe it was October,fish Um Yh. It was in October, and so it was with everybody on you know inthe orrent staff redwitfield and everybody owners were there and couplethousand people who came and all their money went t to the Char, orneefoundation and Michel Jordan was an office audience. Excuse me front rowwith his wife, and you know it's Micael Jordan. I mean I've Ben Hem a couple oftimes he's always been very nice, but it's like Um, okay. They have entrustedme on a very important night for their team for their franchise for thecommunity, and so you dined right. I was nervous, and so, but I had to Ithink at one point at towards the beginning. You know you'r trying to getthe audience trying to get going and get the audience kind o to listen topay attention, and you have somewhat of a script that you're trying to play offwith, and I just use no cars. I don't have teleprompt or anything for thosekind of events which I always prefer, no prumpter, but sometimes in studio.As you know we have to. I was just trying to get going and itwas a loud room, and so finally, I like, when I notice that I do and advertntlyas I just tell jokes and I'm I was telling my kids I'm really funny, butI'm actually probably not Um Trust me someday when I'm dead'm going toremember how plenty I was and- and so I I was telling jokes up there and hen Ilooked over at Michael's table and they were talking was excuse me and so Icalled out, and it was I didn't mean to, and he just looked t me like. Oh I'm,sorry neverybody, I started laughing and then everybody was listening and Iwas like. Oh that's, pretty cool, so I feel like I've just I'm I'm so comfortable being myself that comes with age and that's one ofthe beauties of getting older and owning it. 'cause. I'm like you knowwhat I don't really care. If they don't like me, I don't care anymore, it's sofreeing and so wther. It's Michael Jordan who afterwards came up to me andHugg me and he's like Ou were. I was... okay. Thank you M or, or you know,stepencry or Laran or Um Genoriaa, like it doesn't matter wh. It is like they're awesome, butthey appreciate it when we treat them as human beings and don't put them onthat. pedest found that it's so much easier to do my job and they have morerespect for you. I think because I know that like you're, just you're just you and at the end of day, isn't that whatwe all want to be is to be comfortable being ourselves and then say hey. Thisis me, take it her lieve. If you don't like it, I'm sorry move on es Kindagood. Absolutely. I think that we all need to write that on our mirror everyday, so that we can see it and remember it and repyit. So there's something that I found onyour Wacipedia page that I want to ask you about. You joined E, SP N in twothousand and seven, but Youre actually offered the job in two thousand andfour and turned it down because you were pregnant, I did yeah, it was brutal. It was brutal. I had atwenty one month old at home, and I was about. I was like three weeks fromgiving birth to number two and I'd come up to Brestol and done the audition andUm. You know they always do the Oh gosh. Sorry, roll the wrong tape, whateverjust to see Hav you handled adversy right. U I was like I am so pregnant.You guys can do whatever you want to me. I've got this baby bouncing on mybladder right now like to at Yo. Want. I don't really care. If I get the joband of course I cared, but I just um ye so longstr short, I I also knew that Iwanted more kids. I wanted three. I wanted four actually, but I got threeand so Um. I got home and I got the offer couple of days week later,whatever it was, and I talked over with M my familyparents, my agent and I just knew in my gu, it didn't feel right. I had metStuart Scott Um at that point and we had the same agent at the time and he reached out 'cause. You know I. Ireached ut him and then he reached ot back and said. Listen, you can do this job, but just know thatyou better be ready for everything, because this place will eat you up.This is before social media. You know this isn't o, for I mean it's longbefore and now it's like. Oh my God, it's a whole other world ten timesharder than it was. When I started and so said you seemed to be ready and and he he wasn't saying, don't come if youwant to have more kids he's just saying it's just really tappen and it still, Ithink, was more of a Boyc Club, then Um, and so I yeah I just bhought it throughand said. My parents always preached familyfamily comes first and so for me to say it myself, but then you know Kindaput it all on hold. So I could take this dream job. I just t O ht, itwasn't Rightan, everybody thought it was crazy everybody, but I just had tofollow through with how I had been raised and when I preached- and so Iturned it down- and my agent was like this- is insane you're going to getblackbald. Nobody says no toy is piee and I did the well anits Nacken. Wemeant to be, and again I was twelve years old when I annouced I wanted towork at ESPN. So in fact that it was happening, and I was saying no at thatpoint- I was thirty one. So, twenty years later you know Umi. I was scaredto death Mana, but I'd I prayed and I was like okay got'll make it happen ifit Wa, if he wants it to and if not, then thethere must be other things outthere for me. So I signed another contract where it was in DC. CONQASTFORSEM Atlanta, covering DC in Baltimore, send it through your dealand three years later. Guess you calledback so and- and it happened to be a better owward to. I was like okaylittle bit better so and then I knew I was ready and actually I got there andI wasn't. I STILL WASN'T READY FOR EIS BN. I don't know that you ever can begood. Lord Hi was going to say I anyone,..., no, no! No! I was definitely moreready. I was definitely more experienced. I 'd been in the businessat that point for eleven years and I had had a third child. So when Istarted at Hespen in February of two thousand seven moved here from DC sucha great area to the middle of nowhere, and my kids, when I started were Um o Somemar taple, ten months old, Um, almost two and almost four wow, and soI I had yeah Gosh. At that point I had three kids three and under and was adisaster. I was a disaster Comminius Pan, just Iwasn't ready and I and I th Y know an hinsight they've admitted they didn'tset me up to succeed at first, that's putting it mildly. But somehow I pushedthrough and I had people who a couple of people who believed in me andallowed me to to stay on, and so thirteen years later, it's hard tobelieve. But you know, I think it's a great lesson. I do tell that story alot about turning it down the first time, becauseI I just don't want people to sell out. I don't want people to forget about whothey are. Is Human Beings first as mothers and sisters and husbands andwives, and you know, like that's gonna, be there long after your dream, jobgets rid of you, you know Otaly, maybe your life are there, but for the mostpart, diesn't matter like what do you have at home when you're not on T V andin this amazing glamorous job? So some of T T's, one of the things I'm mostproud of, is turning that job down the first time. ECAUSE, I think for me itwas for the right reason absolutely and who would you be if you turned downyour dream for another dream right, like I imagine having kids is a dreamof yours was a dream of yours. So how would that have defined you? If you putyour career first and some people do and that's amazing and that works forthem? But, as you said like, if, if you want a family and that's important toyou, then you have to prioritize and figure out what that means to you, andthat is not easy to do in this industry because, like you said as Yourand said,you can't say no to them. You cannot say no. What are you supposed to dowhen you're taking APCE? I too, I took a big chance. It took a big risk and Igot lucky and it worked out UM. You know who who who knows? I think that weall do judge we judge way too harshly, and for me itwas the right decision at that time. Liten. I I wanted a fourth child too,but once I got T sp N, I knew there was just there was no way. The pressure isjust intense. It still intents every single day I mean every single day.It's just different is the worldwide leader. You know, and I truly believethat it is the world wide leader ecause. I do think that we we just listen whatwe put on the air every single day across the globe. You know every singlerestaurant bar airport hotel ever where you go in the world. What channel is on? If you got four t vs in the bar at theat lax three of the four on one of the S, PN networks, it's just how it is,and so you better bring it because if you don't there's someone else waitingright there to pounce and trust me, I've had people do it. I Bat peoplepounce successfully at e spn and before, and then you know, I don't know, I'm I'm I MeinI'm tougher than then I thought well. I know that I am I'm toughweth another'sthought for sure, but it's still I'm still such a work in progress, and I Iknow that that though looking back was a tough decision to make Um and I have no regrets who knows. MaybeI could have done more things of my career sooner. Maybe, but I als havethree really phenomenal kids and Um what a blessing I'm telling you, what abessing to be able to do bout. Some women I felt like they've, had tochoose, and I hate that for them whether it was legitimate or not,that's how they felt, and I listen there's been a lot of times. Oneof the hardest things is missing. I've missed a lot of things, Um Tor, thevolcano thing. It was a huge opportunity on ABC huge and that the day of the show was my son'ssixteenth birthday.

I I was crying that morning. 'CAUSE I was likedid I do the right thing? Fortunately, his birth? It was a Wednesday. Sotherefore you couldn't have a party on a Wednesday right with his friends. Sowe did the party the week before the Saturday before I left for Nicaraguaand we had a bunch of kids over and we had pizza, and you know I embarrassdthem and made everybody sing to him. W T cks and I don't need anything. I s like yeah, O D Hyo Too, and so I mis V, Miss Dance Recitals.I'VE MISSED HORSE SHOWS I've missed some swim meats like this next Weeken,I'm going to Florida for my daughter's horseshow she's down there. Now, myoldest and and my son, has it I swimmate the missing, like you can't doeverything, and also I m Ni'mable, to talk to Hem about that right now andthey've seen my struggle and they've seen my tears, but they've also beenseen me on TV standing up and living my dream, and so I think that that'simportant too, for them to see that there will always be sacrifices. Theyknow, first and foremost, the Ghis job is not mearly as glamorous as everybodysays, a as it looks, you know they they see Betterside, and so I think thatthat's also a gift that Ihave, hopefully given them, is to see yeah.This is cool and their life is really good because of it Um, but it is not free and there's a lot thatcomes with it, and they know that if you want Um to have success in Folloyour dream, what are you willing to sacrifice? I don't know that I alwaysmade the right decision I did in that moment, but they see their mom workingtheir t er tail off M to achieve her dream, but also for them and to providea nice life for them. So trust my doubt myself, every day, Amana every day,youus try to go with your gut in your heart, and hopefully everybody knowsthat you did your best at the end totally as long as you know who you are,and you stay true to that. That's really all that matters. I think, andone of my favorite things that you do on instagramis. You put your kids onblast, it is so much fun to watch well, they hate me for it and I justcan't help it. First of all, it is literally is what I used to blackmailthem to get the rooms clean or to be nins and watch their tone, I'm like,say it again and I'm going to put on Inscram and then they shape up and tothe stuff that you haven't seen that they've made me delete. Oh ICOUR, I was,I sus start my on yutube channel with all their crap on there. You know I j like the jory rooms or Whatev. Whatelse have I done there meenagers? What do you expect exactly, but I'm like Noo know yourprive have your own bathroom, clean it up, R, I'm blocking the door and youcan go. You know L Ke and I'm like. No, when I has a kid, there were five of usand wead one after him say that step all the time and I'm like you a youknow so and next time it's dirty. If I come up here tomorrow, it's not cleand,I'm shutting it. For a week and and then then they try to mouth off and Ipull out my phone make ready Sa it again stayit again and then I'd getreally nice. I could not imagine seriously sage if my mom had a Instragawhen I was a teenager mm. I have no idea like it is, and it's it's also. Okay,those are things and I would never do it for something it mean. I don't thinkwords not think I would, but I use instram. It is smart, it's a nice tooland you know professionally, like I get it fror me it's my electronic, likejournal Jiry of my life, and so you know all those instrogram stories thatyou can see UN your into your photo albums and videos, and so I that's my diary B'cause. I 'T. I havetoo much ID D to sit down and actually write, so I just those videos and so I',look through it. Sometimes I'm like. Oh my gosh. Do you remember this when wewere at the Rose Parade or D Youremember this? When I went into yourclassroom- and I sarted the video there or when I flew out my Dt when we firstmoved back to Connecticut from Arizona Um, I was coming back to sport center and Iflew my daughter's best friends out from marizon and surprised her and thatI remember that, and she cried was sobbing and they were all hopping and Iwas troving and it was like. I've had..., a grown men COM upoting that theywere cing when they saw it. Er Tin couple hundred thousand views MENAcookand. It's like. I guess I just want people to know so for selfishly. Yes, it's my diaryand I have such awesome memories from every aspent of my life and I don'tmind sharing my life and I feel like I'm in such a bless position to be apublic figured Moreso. By doing my dream job, ithappens to be public, and so I'm not a robot, and I want people to see Um if they'reinterested that I I'm noterobat and I'm human and I make mistakes, and I havekids who don't like me a lot, and I have you, know a messing house rightnow. I'm sining in my bed talking Yo, my BEC have been made four hours ago.It's not. I've got the dog bomiten on my new carpet like 'm. I'm goingto showthat because that's everyday life in my house and in many other peoples as well,so if you can humanize yourself Um, I just I just feel like it's so manypeople. Just thank me for being myself onsocialmedia. I don't know. I just tryto have fun with it and not take myself that seriously. No, but it is important. It's soimportant to be real, because there are so many people that are fake andeveryone thinks that so and so s perfect all the time and no one isperfect, and that goes back to what we talked to the beginning of thisconversation was. I saw you as perfect sage steel onsports center and I built that up in my head and that's why I was afraid tointroduce myself to you in the airport and people get this mindset of Oh thats,stiff curry, like I bet he's like really really good at everything andlike everyone is human, and it's really important to show that. So. Thank you.I'm going to be another person that thanks you because it's important soplease know that. No thank you. Thank you for bringing it up again becauseI'll never forget that. I think right after I I M we met is didn't. I getinto a bunch of social media trouble. 'CAUSE II was wouldn't have lung that EAKIN IN SA. I remember ae O men, wewere yeah. We were. I think I had like this six hour delay. We both did rightand so were just sitting here, and then I got bored in Mouto Yeah Yeah totally.I regret that's another reason why I'm so tough girl is because Sho notoputyourself out there a little bit and then you get beat up a little right orwrong, and then it's like okay man. I can handle a lot more than I thoughtabsolutely we all can. So I want you to leave us with a woman. You've workedwith. Maybe someone you have a relationship with someone who'sinspired. You Um, really the essence of wyfe started. This show is there's sortof this unspoken bond. I think of women in the sports world of like I got youlike. Let's stick together now, of course, there's always an exception,but sticking together as females in sports makes it worth it. So whoeverthat person is for you, I'm going to ask them to be a guest on the shop.Okay, that's easy, um it it's more of a recent friendship and she's one of themost talented special women. I've ever been around in this business and she's,so young and so poise for her age. I don't understand it. I look at her andI'm like man. I wish I'd been like you when I was your age and and and now sheis Um so strong, and so damn good at her job and her name as Laura Rotlidgelove her she's amazing. She is such a special human being and so strong andsome day her book's going to be really good, she', better write it Um, butit's Lauraet Ledge and I'm going to tell you it's stillthere's a lot of great women Um. I Love Pam Oliver. I love him Oliver as wellshe's, a special special woman whos who plays that trail for me and many otherss her book. Thatri went so good like Um, I love Pam, but Laura is someone who'syoung and how is she doing it? Someone...

...that you can relate to how old are younow man? Can I ask? I am twenty nine, twenty nine. I think Lorai's thirt NeOne and thirty two and just killing life and had a has anew baby and it is on a a big sow, a difficult showyeh Yeh and I just haveso much respect for how she's handlike she is a super star. Lau rellage, Iagree she is already on my list, but I appreciate that I'm coing to have meall help connect O. Thank you sage. I really appreciate you. You've beenwonderful. I wish we had more time because there's so much more to talkabout, but you've been amazing. So thank you so much. Let's do it again:Oky, not an airport Nono, not n, an airport goodness. I could talk to that womanall day along. I hope he gained some insight into sages life and learnedmore about her role as someone who not only gives you your sports news, butalso someone who is a mom, a daughter, a friend and a role model. If youenjoyed this conversation, I will have many more to come. So please subscribeand then rate and review and make sure you leave a comment. So I know exactlywhat you want more of next time, thanks for listening.

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