And So She Goes
And So She Goes

Episode 22 · 10 months ago

21. Niki Noto Palmer, TV Host & Reporter, Podcaster


Her dream to be on a national stage came true, but it still didn't feel fulfilling. "When is enough, enough?" That's the question Niki Noto Palmer asked herself as she realized it was time to really look inward and decide on a shift. Growing up a boisterous child, she earned the "becoming a talk show host" superlative early on (in 4th grade to be exact). She took that and ran with it, covering everything from college basketball and football to hockey for ESPNthe ACC, the Atlanta FalconsFox Sports and more. She was living her dream of talking about sports on tv when she met her now-retired NFL player husband. When they started growing a family, Niki was faced with a decision she wasn't expecting. In this episode, we talk about whether being addicted to ambition is good or bad, and how you can still have a dream and choose to evolve.

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